The Mood Food Bible


The Mood Food Bible is a comprehensive guide on improving your gut and mental health through nutritional strategies. Following the guide will help you boost your mood, cognition, energy, and digestion all at the same time.

Alchemize Your Kitchen! Recipe Guide


A ready-to-download recipe guide focusing on healthy meals that only require one pot or bowl. Make cooking and cleaning up a breeze with this flavourful and nutritious program! Includes 30 recipes.

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Alchemize Your Mood!

Recipe Guide


A ready-to-download recipe guide targeted to reduce stress and anxiety through blood sugar support and specific nutrients like B6, B12, magnesium, iron, and macro balance. Includes 30 recipes.

Alchemize your Gut! Recipe Guide


A ready-to-download recipe guide with easy-to-digest meals, anti-inflammatory ingredients, and fermented foods. This meal plan is ideal for those struggling with bloat, stomach pain, or other digestive disturbances. Includes 30 recipes.


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