A ready-to-download recipe book targeted to reduce stress and anxiety through blood sugar support and specific nutrients like B6, magnesium, iron, and fiber.  All 30 recipes are either gluten free and dairy free, or have gluten and dairy free alternatives provided. Includes the following mains, snacks and desserts:

  1. Savory miso oats
  2. Apple turkey sausage patties
  3. Peanut butter cup overnight oats
  4. Coconut hemp seed breakfast pudding
  5. Smoked salmon avocado toast
  6. Tomato, kale & feta breakfast pizza
  7. Roasted sweet potato & Brussels sprout salad
  8. Pea & basil buckwheat rissoto
  9. Turkey taco skillet
  10. Smashed chickpea salad wrap
  11. Egg roll in a bowl
  12. Mediterrean tuna pasta salad
  13. 15 minute halibut with dill pesto
  14. Butter chicken
  15. Cedar planked salmon with grilled asparagus
  16. Twice baked chicken stuffed sweet potatoes
  17. Thai basil beef stir fry
  18. Spicy shrimp sushi bowls
  19. Plaintain chips
  20. Clean trail mix
  21. Protein packed deviled eggs
  22. Homemade sea salt & garlic seed crackers 
  23. Balsamic beet dip
  24. Strawberry ice cream
  25. Almond butter coconut whip
  26. Chocolate peanut butter banana pops
  27. Decadent peppermint chocolate truffles
  28. Coconut macaroons
  29. Chocolate coconut energy crunch bars
  30. Brazil nut & mango trail mix

Alchemize your Mood! Recipe Guide