Custom Meal Plans

Meal prep made easy

Simplified meal plans customized to your unique health goals so that you can find magic in the kitchen again.

It can be challenging to find the time to create healthy and delicious meals, I understand. Whether you’re looking for a meal plan that supports your body imbalances, are feeling overwhelmed in the kitchen, or are simply going through a dry spell of inspiration. 

My custom meal plans will provide support, ease, and nourishment. After completing a comprehensive intake form, you will receive a custom 7-day meal plan created based on your health goals, dietary restrictions, budget, and time commitment. 

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A knife slicing into an orange

A custom meal plan is for you if:

Spending time in the kitchen or meal prepping feels like a waste of your time

You end up skipping meals or ordering take out on the regular because of your hectic schedule

You’re interested in adding more variety to your diet, but don’t know how to budget for it

You suffer from dietary restrictions and feel underwhelmed with the food options currently available to you

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A wooden board with sliced fruit
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With a custom meal plan, you can expect to:

Avoid the stress of decision fatigue - you’ll never have to worry during your workday about what to make for dinner

Save time and money in the grocery store

Be able to spend time on the things that matter most to you, instead of in the kitchen