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I teach busy women how to support their digestion and boost their mood, so they can feel at home in their bodies again.

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When I was in university, I was in a severe car accident that left me with chronic pain, general anxiety disorder, depression, PTSD, post concussive syndrome and a tilted pelvis. Even though doctors were providing me with diagnoses, I didn’t feel like I was being given answers to help myself heal long term. I cycled through several antidepressants that never worked, and was also on Ambien, Ativan and painkillers. I felt like almost every doctor and specialist was patronizing me when all I wanted was to be seen and heard. I would come home from appointments and cry my eyes out because it felt like my health controlled every aspect of my existence. Every morning started with me waking up, rolling over in bed and popping a pill cocktail. I knew that if I didn’t do something soon, I would become dependent on these for life.

I turned to Google for answers and spent my entertainment budget on books about nutrition and holistic healing practices. I started to see my mental and physical health improve dramatically after adopting an anti-inflammatory diet. I became so fascinated by the body’s natural ability to heal if we address the root cause, and knew that I wanted to pursue a career in holistic nutrition when I spent more time reading nutrition studies than doing my university readings! Shortly after graduating from Queen’s I enrolled in the natural nutrition program offered by CSNN.

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Meizahn, founder of Alchemized Wellness

After several years of healing, I felt like I had returned to my old “normal”. But because I had a new perspective towards health and wellness, I realized that my old “normal” was not acceptable and I was diagnosed with ADHD. It was this big “aha” moment where so much of my past clicked into place for me. Although I had an aversion to mood altering prescriptions, I felt so helpless that I agreed to give Ritalin a try. I have always been a spiritual person, but I didn’t feel like I could connect to my heart anymore. I lost a lot of weight, was barely getting sleep, and had two modes: angry & confrontational, or totally emotionless zombie. The hormonal cascade that Ritalin put me through destroyed my gut and my thyroid, and the amount of stress coursing through my body led to me developing a severe kidney infection with a high fever that left with me with convulsing fits. I’m sharing my lowest of lows because it was at this point that I realized I needed to get off of this highly addictive drug. Fortunately I had the resources and education to support myself through stimulant withdrawal, heal my gut and come home to my body.

I truly believe that I went through these experiences because my purpose is to support other women in whole body healing. I am here to support you, get to the root cause of your health issues and give you the answers that you deserve.


Queen’s University, BaH global development; gender studies minor​

Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Registered Holistic Nutritionist

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Next spot on my travel bucket list

Italy, Greece, and Turkey. Might as well do the whole Mediterrean at once!

Favourite local travel spot

Tofino, B.C.

Signature cocktail

Aperol Spritz

One book I could read over and over again

The Alchemist (where I found inspiration for Alchemized Wellness)

Favourite yoga pose

Half or sleeping pigeon (sometimes I’ll respond to all of my emails doing this!)

Ideal Sunday afternoon

Getting a latte and going for a walk at the beach with my husband, without our phones!