So happy to have you here!

I'm Meizahn (pronounced "me-zaahn"). I am a registered holistic nutritionist and a recent graduate of the Canadian School of Natural Nutrition.


I use whole, unprocessed foods, professional grade supplements, and stress reduction techniques to bring your body back into balance. Some of my areas of expertise include gut health and digestive issues, bloat, candida cleanses, nutrition for ADHD, cognitive performance and mood imbalances.


My programs have been specifically designed to empower you to support and love your body by listening to its cues. I also help you learn how to identify trigger foods so that you can understand how they impact your mood and performance, so you can optimize your mood, focus and energy while improving digestive health.

I offer a selection of holistic protocol packages, with payment plans available upon request. For the busy entrepreneur who doesn't require a full protocol, stand alone meal plans are also available and a fantastic option for those who need extra support in the kitchen or with meal prep.

I am so excited for you to feel like yourself again and alchemize your life!


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