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Regain control of your health and bring your body back into balance.

As women, we tend to prioritize just about everything under the sun before we shift our attention to what should be our top priority - our own wellbeing.

Between managing a career, school, and/or a family, we often neglect our bodies’ needs. Here’s the thing - when we do that, we tune out body/mind communication in the process and are left feeling disconnected and confused about health concerns that feel like they just “came out of nowhere”.

I’m here to support you on your journey through reconnecting with your body, and to remind you of the value in honouring yourself first.

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Are you ready to commit to transformational wellness?

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My 1:1 nutrition services are calling your name if you:

Deal with daily brain fog that makes you feel like you can’t perform your best

Suffer from digestive disturbances, anxiety, and fear that surface when you just want to enjoy your favourite foods

Depend on several coffees, teas, or energy drinks to get you through your workday

Wish that you could just ask your body what it is that it needs from you

In these programs, you can expect to:

Address the physical and emotional root causes of your health concerns and reduce symptoms

Have a safe space to learn how to reconnect with and support your body by listening to its cues